Imagine not being able to have a heart-to-heart with your closest friend. Or to thank someone for helping you solve a problem. Or to order your food at a restaurant.

From the deepest conversation with someone we love to the commonplace — like telling a waiter what you’d like for dinner — communicating is a gift most of us take for granted. But that’s not always the case for children and adults with disabilities.

By supporting Infinitec, you help provide the technology, training, and resources that change the lives of children and adults with disabilities as well as all who care for them.

Without donors like you, Infinitec couldn’t help transform a simple iPad into a lifeline for children and adults with disabilities.  Because of donors like you, Infinitec can continue to help people like Jonathan, Kate, and Caitlin live a life without limits.

Donate today to give a voice to their thoughts.

Donate today to connect them to their classmates.

Donate today to provide access to deeper relationships with those they love.

Send us your e-mail address so we can move towards paper- and postage-free outreach!

Giving Options

Individual donations, corporate sponsorships, planned giving and gifts in kind are welcomed with gratitude. Of every dollar we receive, $.93 cents goes directly to services for those who need them most.

Individual Donations

Your gift to UCP Seguin Foundation touches — and changes — so many lives. Select the level of contribution that’s comfortable for you and take your place in the family of supporters who make life without limits possible for people with disabilities.

Matching Gifts

Many organizations match their employees’ charitable gifts. Check with your employer to see if it has a matching gift program and how your donation to UCP Seguin Foundation can qualify.

Corporate Sponsorships

Sponsorship of events like Great Chefs of Greater Chicago® and the Chip in Fore Hope Golf Classic sends a positive message to people you want to reach. Contact Sue O’Donovan at 773-897-3941 to explore the options.

Planned Giving

Charitable gift planning offers variety of means to support UCP Seguin Foundation. Contact Sue O’Donovan at 773-897-3941 to begin the conversation.

Gifts in Kind

The Assistive Technology Exchange Network — ATEN — refurbishes donated computers and distributes them to children and adults with disabilities. Learn how your disused equipment can open the gateway to enrich life and learning for UCP Seguin Foundation clients.

Wish List

UCP Seguin Foundation keeps a wish list of items for children and adults, from paints and games to clothing and kitchen equipment. See the list.