Years ago, our team identified isolation and loneliness as the biggest problem faced by our clients who struggled to speak. We saw our customers’ struggle to share their thoughts and personalities, to participate in school, to make friends, and to be involved members of their community. 

And we decided to do something about it. 

We partnered with and funded an initiative titled Infinitec, an assistive technology program for children and adults with disabilities, specifically those who struggle to speak.  The program enabled our customers to communicate using specialized iPads. Infinitec also created in-person and online professional learning opportunities for educators, social service workers, and families to better understand and serve the adults and students with disabilities in their lives. 

And this important work had an incredible impact on so many lives! Our clients can now share what is going on in their lives with their families, chat with friends, engage in the classroom, and be more independent. And their parents, teachers, and support systems are better equipped to help them. 

Now in 2023, Infinitec’s massive scope challenges our mission. The program is active in five states, 1,000 different school districts, and involved with 60 social service agencies. But this important work depends on donors who believe in our mission: creating a life without limits for children and adults with disabilities. 

Will you help us continue to provide a voice to those who struggle to communicate? 

Will you help our customers’ families and support teams get proper training to be better advocates and teachers? 

Will you help us continue to provide transformative change in the lives of individuals with disabilities and those who care for them? 

Send us your e-mail address so we can move towards paper- and postage-free outreach!

Giving Options

Individual donations, corporate sponsorships, planned giving and gifts in kind are welcomed with gratitude.

Individual Donations

Your gift to UCP Seguin Foundation touches — and changes — so many lives. Select the level of contribution that’s comfortable for you and take your place in the family of supporters who make life without limits possible for people with disabilities.

Matching Gifts

Many organizations match their employees’ charitable gifts. Check with your employer to see if it has a matching gift program and how your donation to UCP Seguin Foundation can qualify.

Corporate Sponsorships

Sponsorship of events like Great Chefs of Greater Chicago® and the Chip in Fore Hope Golf Classic sends a positive message to people you want to reach. Contact Sue O’Donovan at 773-897-3941 to explore the options.

Planned Giving

Charitable gift planning offers variety of means to support UCP Seguin Foundation. Contact Sue O’Donovan at 773-897-3941 to begin the conversation.

Gifts in Kind

The Assistive Technology Exchange Network — ATEN — refurbishes donated computers and distributes them to children and adults with disabilities. Learn how your disused equipment can open the gateway to enrich life and learning for UCP Seguin Foundation clients.

Wish List

UCP Seguin Foundation keeps a wish list of items for children and adults, from paints and games to clothing and kitchen equipment. See the list.