All through school, Cynthia got around fine with her specially designed wheelchair and a computer to help her communicate. But as she prepared for graduation, her parents were concerned. How would a young woman with cerebral palsy make her way as an adult? Building Bridges to the Future was there to help Cynthia secure funding for home-based services, sign up for public benefits, and get to UCP Seguin’s adult services center and enrichment activities. Her parents are breathing easy, and Cynthia is building skills — and friendships — as she becomes a full-fledged member of the community.

Abarca had friends in high school, but with his developmental disability, he was shy around new people. How would he find a place to fit in after graduation? Building Bridges to the Future arranged for him to try out different programs until he found the one he liked best. At UCP Seguin’s CLIMB program in Villa Park, he’s learning life skills and taking educational and vocational training. In the process he’s emerged as a talkative young man who’s a leader among his peers and a solid part of his community.

Cameron was worried about aging out of special education. His parents were worried, too. Would he be stuck at home all day with nothing to do? Building Bridges to the Future put their worries to rest. Cameron started going to UCP Seguin’s adult day services the day after he turned 22, and having nothing to do is not a problem. He’s getting vocational training in the Portillo’s Learning Kitchen and washing cars in UCP Seguin’s auto center. Most importantly, he’s finding his way as an adult in the world.